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 Nottingham High (1x1 Bubbline. and Moonncloud)

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PostSubject: Nottingham High (1x1 Bubbline. and Moonncloud)   Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:30 pm

Welcome to Nottingham High!

Quote :
Dear reader,

You have been selected to go to Nottingham High! Because of your academic scoring on the test, you are one of the many to make it into the school. We have a very high standard required of students and hope you find home in the school. We do offer dorms for free but they are first come so please apply quickly. But in your accordance, we have special dorms for you. You are considered to have special powers and special standards of the school. You will find all of those in the hand book that has been provided in this package. We do offer numerous sports and electives that you could choose from. We also offer night classes also but we ask if you are only a vampyre to ask for these classes.We hope for you to join us and find out more about the students and school itself.


The principal.

School rules (You can break these of course):

1. You must wear provided uniforms

2. You must follow all rules of the hand book

3. No drugs, parties, or alcohol. If found you will be kicked out.

4. Must be in dorms by 10 pm and lights out at 12.

5. Pets may attend calss with you but you must have control over them. If not, then we will ask you to return it back to your dorm.

6. Weapons must be kept hidden at all times during room inspections and class inspections.

7. Boys are not allowed in girl dorms and girls are not allowed in boy dorms!



[b]Favorite Quote:[/b]
[b]Theme song:[/b]




Images of around the school!:


The school courtyard is where students like to hang out and eat. Sometimes events are held here and frequent laughing is often.

School Garden:

The school garden is something we have been doing for generations to help keep the kitchen flowing with fresh vegetables! Students like to pitch in and help grow things year round and the students love the idea of fresh vegetables.


This is where the dorms are kept. There is a wall that splits the boy and girl dorms but it includes separate showers and toilet rooms. We do this for the personal privacy of our students. There is a hangout room, mini stores, and even a gaming room. We do have TV's in every room hooked with cable and we also offer wifi.


The beach is a private beach for only the school and to get on here you will need your student id license and a smile! The beach will not be private after 9 pm and we ask that you remain on campus at that time.


We do have our own pool for everyone's personal use. We will find most students here than at the beach because we offer almost everything you can think of here. The pool is bordered with sets of rooms for exercising, Gaming, Eating, and tons more! The pool you are able to jump in because it is a 20 ft deep pool.


The forest is for the nature lovers. Our forest goes on for miles and miles North, South, East, and West! It is full of life and its other wild inhabitants. We do spray for pests in the area but we make sure not to harm the other wild creatures. It does have a trail for hiking or biking or horse riding.


Nottingham High is known for its equid lovers and its Sunday races! The horse stable is for the use of students and teachers only! No one else is allowed to use these stables. These stables already have some horses in then but if you'd like to bring your own you can! The stables have all types of riding gear that you need for your horse. We do offer horse-shoes for every size and age of the horse.

Rose Garden:

This is a place where students can come to smell the roses and relax from a crazy time in life or even someone who just would like to sit down with a couple of friends or even a lover! Nottingham High's Rose Garden specifically have specially bred, one of a kind roses right here on campus! They bring flower enthusiasts all over the world to marvel at the beautiful flowers and scenery.

Water Fall:

Deep within our forest borderlining the mountains, a small waterfall can be found with a deep river perfect for late night swimming as well as sight seeing. We highly recommend you take the hike out into the forest to discover the hidden adventures that await for the human mind as well as future-biologists. There may just be something there that will spark ones' interest!


Girl Dorms:

Dorm 1: Chessiny Marie Hope Flemmings /\Kimura Aline Rosalyn

Dorm 2: Hanako Naomi Bell /\ Open!

Dorm 3: Sera Ellean Silverwing /\ Open!

Dorm 4: Darian Kaitlynn Roberts /\ Aislinn Rosa Sansanvi

Dorm 5: Victorianna Belle Lankford /\ Open!

Boy Dorms:

Dorm 1: Ezra Marcellus Harrow \/ Open!

Dorm 2: Marcus Edwin Thompson \/ Open!

Dorm 3: Kobe Bernard Wolf \/ (No name fox dude)

Dorm 4: Fang Leon Jones \/ Open!

Dorm 5: Christian Alexander Loxley \/ Julian Leon Cross


Regular Math : 1,2,4

Intermediate math : 1,3,4

Algebra: 2,3,4

Algebra 2: 1,4

Calculus : 1,2

Geometry : 1,3

Trigonometry : 2,4

Earth Science: 3,4

Space Science: 2

Marine Science: 1,4

Biology : 1,2,3

AP Biology: 2,4

Reading 180: 2,3

English 1, 2, 3, or 4 : 1,2,3,4

Honors English 1, 2, 3, or 4 : 1,2,3,4

Computer Technology Application: 2, after school

Gym : 2,3,4

Art : 1,2,3,4

Drama : 2,3,4

Social Studies: 3,4

World CivHistory:
World Geography: 2,3,4

U.S. History : 1,3

Chemistry: 1,2


Tennis : 1,3,4, and after school until 5

Soccer : 1,2, and after school until 4:30

Softball : 3 and after school until 6

Baseball : 4 and after school until 7

Basketball : 1 and after school until you leave

Archery : 2,4 and after school until 6:30 (for Archery club only!)

Music : 3,4 after school until 8 (For Band and Choir only!)

Spanish : 1,3,4

Latin : 2,4

French : 2,3,4

Track : 2,4

Football : 3 and after school until 8:30

Cheerleading : 4 and after school until 6 (Mondays and Wednesdays only...)

Flying-Winged creatures only, or those with the power to fly or levitate, or shapeshift. : 4 and after school until 4

Fire Practice-Fire users only. : 3 and after school until 3:30

Water/Ice Practice-Water/Ice users only. : 1,4 and after school until 5

Earth Practice-,Eath users only. : 2,3 and after school until you leave

Air/Wind Practice-Air/wind users only. : 1 and after school until 4:30

Darkness Practice-Darkness users only. : 4 and after school until 6

Light Practice-Light users only. : 2 and after school until 5:30

Mind Practice-Mind users only (telepathy, reading minds, etc.) : 4 and after school until 5:45

Magic Practice-Magic users only (Spells, Meditation, etc.) : 3,4 and after school until 7:30

Class Schedules!:


Rotation (1): Chemistry, Archery, Music, and Cheerleading.

Rotation (2): Tennis, French, Biology, and Trigonometry.


Rotation (1): Regular Math, Latin, Football, and Marine Science.

Rotation (2): Biology, Track, Spanish, and Baseball.


Rotation (1): World Civics, Archery, Softball, and Magic Practice.

Rotation (2): Tennis, Soccer, French, and off block.


Rotation (1): Chemistry, U.S. History, Earth Science, and Honors English 3.

Rotation (2): Art, Space Science, Music, and Marine Science.

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PostSubject: Form   Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:45 pm

Quote :
Username: Bubbline.
Name: Chessiny Marie Hope Flemmings
Nicknames: Chessy, May
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Junior


Personality: Chessy is actually a very intelligent girl.
She is sweet and kind but she does have a dark side. She is the top of her
class with straight A's, a 4.0 GPA, and perfect attendance. She is in almost
every club that a girl can get into and is also the lead rider of the races on
Sundays. She is very competitive and loves almost every hobby she has.
She is easy to get along with and she is most famous for her school spirit...
Although she smart and intelligent, she does have her blonde moments (XDD).
She seems like a normal average human girl but in fact she isnt. She has a
secret she doesnt tell others for the fact that they might run their mouth
and she would have to dispose of them... She is a werewolf.

History: Her history goes back to the 1800's when she
was first born in a small town by the name of Russellville, Kentucky. She was
born on May 30, 1830 to Robert and Isabelle Loxley. She grew up as a poor
farmer's daughter. Everyone in the small town loved her and would go through
anything just to help her. When she was a Sophomore in high school, an
exchange student came into the school. Exchange students were rare and
she decided to check them out. Well turns out the student was a guy and she
began to talk to him. And every day she talked to him, the more she began to
fall for him. Well, one day he told her to meet him at the old oak outside of town
at midnight. She thought it was strange but she did. So that night, She went
out to the old oak tree outside of town and waited for him. She looked around
seeing nothing until she had seen a pair of deep red eyes. She hadnt recognized
them and soon a figure came with the eyes. It was a wolf! Soon it attacked her
and killed her in a cold blooded killing. She went to the front gates of heaven
but was sent back down later. She was reborn but something went wrong with
her genes and performing them to be werewolf genes. She was born with the
thing to parents with a luxury home and never knew of her condition until now...

Species: Werewolf
Power: Telekinesis
Weapons?: Um sharp teeth, sharp claws, and double hatch swords.
Family: In California
Likes: Almost everything
Siblings: In England
Strengths: Strength, hearing, smelling,
Skills: Fighting and horse riding
Dislikes: rude people and vampyres
Weakness: haven't found any yet...
Flaws: High pitch frequencies
Favorite Quote: "If nothing goes right... go left"
Theme song: None
Crush: none
Love: none
Dorm: 1
Pets: Domo
Other: none :3

Quote :
Username: Bubbline.
Name: Christian Alexander Loxley
Nicknames: Chris, Zoom
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: Junior


Personality: Chris is the basic smart serious kid
of the school. Most people would call him old fashioned but a true
gentleman. He is most often found in the library helping the librarian sort
books and barcode new books. Although he is quiet and mysterious doesn't
mean he keeps a low profile. He is well known at school for his speed
and agility. He is the palest kid at school and some people wonder about
who he really is. He dresses as if he was from the 18[size=85]th[/size] century
England. He does have an English accent but he came from Ohio! What is
his history?! Some people wonder and so does I...

History: Chris was born in Manchester,
England on May 15, 1745. His original parents were the duke
and duchess of England. He had an older sibling by the name
of Tray. The two brothers were the closest of any brother
pair of England. Everywhere they went, one accompanied
each other. They never went anywhere without each other
until his brother met a girl. The girl was flawless upon every
girl in the village. She soonfound Tray attractive and they
started talking. Well the more they began to talk, the more
Tray was being pulled away from Chris. One night Chris
awoke to hearing his brother shutting the door. He quickly
got dressed and followed his brother to the meadow where
he had seen his brother and his new girlfriend kissing. But
soon the romantic scene turned into a horror set for a stage.
The girl stopped kissing him and pulled him into a hug.
She had looked right at Chris with a nasty smile and then
she opened her mouth growing fangs and sinking them into
Tray's neck. Chris screamed out in horror as the girl sucked
his brother dry of his blood and his life. When she was finished
with him, she dropped him and then she was a blur. Chris
looked around not spotting her. He ran to his brother's lifeless
body and held him close as he wept for his dear life. All he
wanted was his brother back but his wish was to never happen.
His brother's heart had already stopped and he was gone from
the world. Chris stood up and then turned to see the girl
standing behind him and smiling.

~You know you show a lot of love for your
brother... i showed him a lot of love also... Just not the kind
you gave him...~
, She said with a
giggle and a seductive smile.

~You know he figured out I am as soon as
he had seen me... He said he could tell by my eyes... Which
you should know is a vampyre... Then he asked me if he
could be one... I agreed but he had to give me his love in
return... After living for 600 years, it gets lonely from time
to time and he could have been my mate but his body
couldn't handle the toxins... Lets see if your's can...~
She said with the same seductive smile.
Chris nodded and stood there shocked as she stood close
to him and sunk her teeth into his neck. She let go and he
fell to the ground shaking and sputtering as he heard her
laugh and hold him down. The pain was intense and he felt
his whole body shutting down. He had closed his eyes and
his body had died but he still seemed to still be  alive.
When he opened his eyes, The woman was kissing him
and his eyes had changed color from dark luscious brown
to a deep never ending Amber color.

~My name is Sabrina and you are now
my mate...~
, She said with a smile.
Soon they ran off together and moved to the America's. The
years passed by as both hadnt changed their age but then
they were soon discovered. Sabrina was caught sucking
the life out of their neighbor. She was arrested and then
they figured out how to kill vampyres. She was stabbed in
the heart with a sharp wooden stick and then burned to rid
of her. Chris watched as his mate was murdered before him
and that night he left the town and moved around from place
to place. Until the present day and decided to call Nottingham
High his new home.

Power: Darkness
Weapons?: a dagger hidden underneath his sleeve and
well his natural power
Family: Dead but has an adopted family
Likes: Dead and dark things, loves taunting people before
he kills them, the night moon light
Siblings: Dead...
Strengths: Horror and terrorizing others, muscular
Skills: Fighting, super speed and strength, agility
Dislikes: Anything that gives him goose bumps, the light
Weakness: Love and family
Flaws:  repulsed by garlic, the light, doesnt cast reflection, a
deadly poison for him is silver
Favorite Quote: "Dont let the see'er get free..." ~His own quote
Theme song: none
Crush: none
Love: technically dead... but searching once again
Dorm: 5
Other: nope

Quote :
Username: Bubbline.
Name: Darian Kaitlynn Roberts
Nicknames: Dare, Katie
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: Senior


Personality: Darian is outgoing and very straight forward.
She loves to fight and is basically the tomboy every guy loves to have as a friend.
She does everything a guy does and loves to compete. She is friendly but can be
mysterious about her ways. She is sort of like a gentle man but yet again she is a
boyish female. People always are curious about her orientation because every time
she is asked, she waves away the comment and acts as if it was never asked.
When people annoy her about it, She beats them down with her fists. Her orientation
is her secret and only her closest friend, Kobe Wolf, knows about it. She shares it
with no one afraid that she will be mocked and bullied about it. That's not her only
secret... She could smite everyone if she wanted. She is a strong witch who isn't
afraid to use her powers.

History: Darian has a long line of witches in her past
including a very important one by the name of Jacklyn Frost. Her grandmother
lived in the times of where if you were caught or accused of worshiping the
devil in anyway that you were to be put to death immediately. No one knew
of her great(x4) grandmother's secret and she didnt plan to tell anyone.
Soon she married and had four kids. A set of twins and two separates who
she loved very much. The twins had an evil set of mind to them and she
knew they were to carry with witch traits of their mother. One night when
the village was asleep, Jacklyn took the twins to a ritual and demoted them
as witches that night. Their little club rejoiced the presence of new comers,
but someone in the village awoke to their screaming and and found out
about their secret. The next day, the mother and set of twins were
captivated by the church people and tied to crosses to be burned along
with all the other witches. Before they were burnt their father, who just
happened to be the bishop, untied the twins but left the mother. He ran
away with all four kids to hide them away from the burning of their mother.
They lived in a cave for the remainder of their lives and the twins practiced
their magic every chance they had. One night when their father fell asleep,
the twins set out towards their old home and burned it down and made
sure every living soul was dead. In order to mark the doings of a witch they
burned more than 100 pentagrams in the soil of the ashed and dirt. Soon
everything stooped being so religious and witches were no longer burned
or killed immediately. The twins both got married and didnt have to worry
about hiding their true religion. They both had a set of twins and then those
twins had a set of twins. It seemed as if the religion carriers were twins so
what happened to Darian. Darian was born with a twin she didnt know
about but she died before she could actually be born. Her mother died
of heart ache and poverty. Darian was left alone as a loner in the world
until she met Kobe on the streets and then he raised her. And now they
were both sent to the Nottingham High school by the police hoping to gain
some knowledge and manners. She had them she just didn't want to use them...

Species: Witch
Power: Magic
Weapons?: Her powers and a little dagger that stays
strapped to her forearm which is usually covered by a sleeve
of a t-shirt
Family: Dead
Likes: Her secrets, Her powers, Her strange ways,
Animals, wolves, Gideon,
Mudd riding, making trouble, more things
Siblings: Dead
Strengths: Magic, Earth scents
Skills: Fighting, agility, speed
Dislikes: Flowers, Rules, restrictions, uniforms, smart people,
rich people, stuck up people, stupid people
Weakness: Her 'spots', weak back
Flaws: speed
Favorite Quote: "Dont be ashamed of you religion...
Achieve the main goals of them!" ~Her own quote
Theme song: none
Crush: none
Love: none
Dorm: 4


Quote :
Username: Bubbline.
Name: Kobe Bernard Wolf
Nicknames: Drako (XD)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: Junior


Personality: Kobe is the natural bad boy that
every girl wants. At some point, every girl goes through the stage of
wanting to date a bad boy their parents would never approve of. Well
Kobe is that boy... He is stubborn and hard headed. He is always in
fights around school and the city. He is always in trouble with the law
and always in trouble with the school officials. He is easy to get along
with if your just like him and Darian. Most of the teachers hate him
and rarely see him the whole class period. He is always in after-school
detention or you can find him cleaning up the side of the highways.
He is addicted to smoking and being an alcoholic and secretly he is
trying to stop but then he gets stressed and needs some stress relief.
He is definitely not the boy you would call good...

History: Most people would say that Kobe
was born in a jail cell and raised there but that is not the truth.
Kobe was actually born a good kid. Hard to believe he way he
turned out but what is typed is the truth. He was born February
14, 1901 to Franklin & Della Goodman.  He was raised on the
country side of New York and raised to farm. They had sheep
that he tended to out in a field. One say his father had to go to
town and his mother had already passed away that spring. He
knew his father would visit his mother's grave. Kobe was out in
the meadow all alone tending to the sheep when a pack of
abnormally large wolves came into play. He tried to scare them
off but they continued to maul the sheep. While saving a sheep
from a wolf, Kobe was bit on the arm. He swore he had heard the
wolf laugh before they had left. Kobe moved the sheep and
tended to his wound. That night he felt as if his body was
expanding... and it was. He screamed out in pain as his bones
moved around and expanded. The pain disappeared and he felt ...
different. He walked on all four paws and he had a bushy tail.
Was he actually a mythical creature?! He was a werewolf... Now
how did he turn back? That whole night he worked his brain
off until the sun rose and he was instantly back to normal. By
night he was wolf and during the day he was human. He had
discovered that he didnt age either. He left after his father died
from killing himself and moved to the west coast where he met
Darian. He had picked up a couple wolf friends along the way
and could only keep four instead of a pack. Darian put a spell on
him to where he could control his power anytime he wanted.
Then they were invincible. They had traveled the states together
committing crime and they were only teenagers. they were on
the most wanted list as a MAGICIAN WITH HER PET WOLF. Then
they were caught and were sent to the school hoping to find one
last hope of taming them. They were doing a good job with Darian
but Kobe denied help of being tamed.

Species: Werewolf
Power: Shapeshifting
Weapons?: The sword in his picture
Family: Dead
Likes:Eating, committing crimes, and more things to list
Siblings: Darian (they adopted each other XD)
Strengths: The night sky
Skills: Agility and fighting
Dislikes: People except for Darian and people just like them...
Weakness: Darian and his stomach
Flaws: Ticklish
Favorite Quote: "F*ck off..."
Theme song: None
Crush: none
Love: none
Dorm: 3


Phato (RIP),


Quote :
Username: Bubbline.
Name: WIP
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12




Species: Elemental Human
Power: Fire
Weapons?: Mostly fire, some daggers
Family: Lives in Florida
Likes: Warm things, the idea of love, everything sappy
Siblings: None
Strengths: Has the ability to calm down any conflicts he
gets himself into
Skills: Fighting mostly
Dislikes: Water, cold things, rude people, harsh male figures
Weakness: Women
Flaws: WIP
Favorite Quote: "I'm pretty hot. Hah. Get it? Because I control
the fire element. No? Okay." -His own
Theme song: None
Crush: None
Love: None
Dorm: 2
Pets: He has a pet Griffin, which are extremely rare.
His name is Aloe.
Other: Nope

Quote :
Username: Bubbline.
Name: Ezra Marcellus Harrow
Nicknames: E-z, Marcie, Cellus, but he prefers to be
called Marcellus. Only certain people can call him Ezra
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: Junior


Personality: Marcellus normally isn't one to get along with
people. He likes to keep to himself due to the fact that he dislikes
the human race and most other races. He is seclusive and mostly
quiet. He lets off a mysterious feel about him when others are
around him. He certainly is a mystery that's for sure. He rarely
smiles or shows emotions. His voice remains in one key. His eyes
are as cold as ice. He has anger issues as well as patience issues.
Even though he is very seclusive, he is a gentlemen. He will do
favors for the females if asked and he shows true manners to them
all. He may not look like much but he can bring true fear onto
anybody if he wanted to. He has mastered mind games being able
to twist ones mind any way he wants. But he only uses it on the
people he truly and desperately hates. He has never really dated
anyone due to the fact that he hasn't found one that seems good
enough to be with yet. So for the girl who wants to take interest
and be the first... Good luck. Perhaps that special girl can make him
smile, show emotions, feel emotions, actually help him loosen up
so he can make friends. Maybe there is hope for his ways.
History: Marcellus's history is quite simple in most realities.
He has lived many lives and can recall them all. He constantly
gets reincarnated but what for? He remembers his past lives with
so many names. Some he lived until he was young and some he
lives until he was old and wise. He doesn't understand any of it
all. Why won't the gods just let him rest in peace? Just let his
soul die out with the world?  He has always lived lives of ease
and memories. He just doesn't understand why he needs to be
rebirthed again and again and again. There's a little part of his
memory that the gods don't want him to remember... That he is
a fallen god. He did a great injustice against the gods. He was
the God of War, Ares. He was upset with his father, Zeus, and
tried to overthrow him. It almost worked except for the fact that
his sister, Enyo, got to him in ways that most people couldn't.
His sister was his soft spot and she knew how to stop him from
causing mass destruction. As his punishment, he was killed and
kicked off of Olympus for the rest of his many lives. He was to
never see his god family or god friends for the rest of eternity.
So now he lives his days as a Fallen God born from humans. He
also had a little side effect over the years... He can control water.
Somewhere down the lines of his many lives, his DNA got mixed
with one of a water benders. So now he controls water and the
power of his past life as a god. If, he ever finds out that he was
the God of War, his previous intentions could come back and the
earth would become the battleground for the gods. Unless
something gives him a reason to change his mind... Needless to
say, he was reborn again in this time and era to Brent and Olivia
Harrow. They found out about his water bending skills and
immediately sent him away to Nottingham High hoping that the
school could help him.

Species: Elemental Fallen God
Power: Water, His God Powers
Weapons?: Water, Mind games, All combat skills,
Swords, Guns, a little dagger he keeps in his boot
Family: On the other side of town
Likes: Video games about war, mostly war, the outdoors,
the smell of cooked turkey, most animals, stargazing
Siblings: He has many siblings. It would take a lifetime
for him to be able to name them all. But he has two current
siblings for this life. He has a little sister the age of 6 and another
brother that is 14. He is the oldest. His little sister is his everything.
Strengths: Strength, Superior leadership skills, calm and
smooth talker
Skills: He can twist minds, combat
Dislikes: Most species except for the animal species,
other male figures,
Weakness: His little sister, a significant other(if there ever is one)
Flaws: He is extremely ticklish, He has an extremely
sensitive scar that goes down his chest and abdomen that
he's had since he fell from Olympus
Favorite Quote: None
Theme song: None
Crush: None
Love: None
Dorm: 1
Pets: He has quite a few. He has a pet wolf names Marrow, a pet parakeet named John-Boy, a pet panther named Halo, and a pet African Wild dog named Carlos

Quote :
Username: Bubbline.
Name: Victorianna Belle Lankford
Nicknames: Victoria, V, Vi, Anna, but she prefers to be called V.
Gender: Female
Age: 16 or so she says
Grade: Sophomore


Personality: V is the type of girl anybody would
want to be around. She's intelligent, kind, and caring. She's very easy
to get along with and easy to become friends with. She has the kind of
soothing voice that can calm most people and make them feel
comfortable and right at home. She tends to be open and honest with
everybody. It is extremely rare to see her angry. She just really isn't
the kind of person to get angry or upset about things. Though she
can be emotional, she is still strong willed and stubborn.

History: V's history is very interesting. Many
things have happened between her many years of living. But we'll
just let you know the basics. She was born on May 21, 1121 to
Ackerley and Abbess Lankford. She was born as Addison Rose
Lankford. She was the first girl in her little town with a population of
200 to read a book all the way through. She was always traveling
around the town playing with the boys mostly. They would always
adventure out into the forest and play hide in seek. She wouldn't
wear the normal girl clothes as well. She would wear trousers and
button down shirts like the boys and most of her childhood, she had
her hair cropped extremely short. She was definitely an odd case
as a child. Her mother didn't approve of her actions but her father
just wanted her to be happy so he let her do it. Though when she
got older and out of her childish days. After puberty, she contained
great beauty. The Duke grew a liking to her and ordered their
marriage and so it was to happen. She was forced to learn the ways
of a proper lady. She had to wear the appropriate attire, wear the
appropriate shoes, grow out her hair, learn her manners, learn the
house wife chores. Why? Because she was to be wed to the Duke
of the England. She hated the idea of marriage but she had no
choice. She had to listen to her father's words or else their family
would be put to shame. She had finally learned everything there
was to learn and a horse drawn carriage was arranged to pick her
up and take her away from her parents for forever. She reached
the Duke's house and the marriage happened right away. He wasn't
that bad looking. He was quite dashing to be considered 30. It
happened so fast and then a party happened afterwards. That night
she figured out his deepest and darkest secrets. He was a vampire.
And that night, she became one too. At the age of 16, She was
turned into a vampire. Her body handled the change well and next
thing she knows she waking up hungry and about to rampage. She
sped out of his house instantly going on a murder rampage. She
killed the entire town except for two people her parents. She also
found out how to kill her newly wed husband and that's exactly what
she did. She ended his life. She ran away very far leaving choas
everywhere she went. As times passed by she had witnessed all
sorts of things. She also calmed down and learned to control her
hunger and her anger. She also learned to stay calm and let what
ever happen happen. She had even changed her name a couple
of times. Time flew by and she had witnessed most of the major
events that had happened in history. But unfortunately, during this
year and day she was caught by child services while roaming the
streets. They had found no record of her in the system and she had
to tell them why. They vowed to keep it an extremely confidential
secret and to never speak of it to anybody. Then they found a school
for gifted people like herself. She was put into the system and then
shipped to Nottingham High after she was registered. She is the oldest
vampire she knows. But she has so much knowledge, it wouldn't be
too hard to knock the smartest kid in the school down to second best.

Species: Vampire
Power: Mind control, Telekinesis, Darkness/Shadows, many
more talents she has mastered over the years
Weapons?: Her powers, fighting skills, swords, daggers,
guns, plus more
Family: Dead, no adopted parents
Likes: everything kind and sweet, nature, horses, wolves
Siblings: None
Strengths: Agility, Speed, Darkness, Night time
Skills: She's very skilled in fighting
Dislikes: Rude people, Ignorant and young vampires, Not okay
with werewolves but she can be around them
Weakness: She's overcome most things that would normally
harm to extreme amounts her but one thing that could potentially
harm her the most is garlic
Flaws: No reflection is the main thing
Favorite Quote: "It is better to be old and wise than it is to
be young and ignorant."-Her own
Theme song: None
Crush: None
Love: None
Dorm: 5

Pets: She has a Gypsey Vanner named Marter

Other: She has a very thick English accent that
has never went away over the years

Quote :
Username: Bubbline
Name: Zane Maddox Desorcis-Labatte
Nicknames: Z but he prefers to be called Maddox
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: ?




Species: versipellem esse animam comedentem
or a Soul Eating werewolf
Power: He has the ability to give and take souls when he feels
like it. He was bestowed that power upon his adoptive mother
long before she discovered that he was a werewolf. Typical
hybrids can choose their favored form being what ever they
are able to switch back and forth from, which in his case is
his wolf form. His human form is a lot weaker than his
preferred form.
Weapons?: He has his special abilities of being a soul eater
which are heightened by the werewolf genes making him
potentially a very dangerous person. He also has a whole
artillery of weapons hidden away in the forest somewhere
only he knows about.
Family: Spread around to avoid "outbreaks"
Favorite Quote:
Theme song:



(WIP (also forgot Zanes purpose??))

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PostSubject: Re: Nottingham High (1x1 Bubbline. and Moonncloud)   Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:13 pm

Quote :
Username: Moonncloud
Name: Hanako Naomi Bell
Nicknames: Hana or Bell
Gender: Female
Age: 17 1/2
Grade: Junior

Long silky blond hair, Silver/blue colored eyes and pointed ears along with a model like body.

Wolf Forum:

Personality: Hanako is a very caring person and seems to be pretty
quiet most of the time unless spoken to. Hanako is pretty smart being second in her class. She loves to
study and is very competitive when it comes to her studies, she's always trying her hardest to get
first place. Hanako has a love for animals and could be found most of the time out in the stables
with the horses or in the forest. She is in the Archery club and helps with the gardening. If you try
hard enough you will get on her nerves, but most generally she has a nice temperament.

History: Hanako use to live in a big city with her mother and father. Her
mother was a model and her father was the modeling buisness owner. Hanako wanted to be a model
to start out with but found it would be hard with her pointed ears, many departments in fashion only
wanted her for costumes instead of the real fashion she wanted to model for. At the time her parents
had too many models as it was in their modeling building. So after she let go of that dream she and
her family moved to a smaller town that had a large need/want for modeling buisness owners. As of
now, Hanako is still trying to figure out what she is going to do, she has a few things in mind but is
still unsure. While she was moving to her new home she had discovered she could shapeshift, at first
it freaked her out, going back on the history of her family, she found out that her great great
grandfather was a shapeshifter and had the job as a wizard for kids and adults around the world.
She then stumbled upon her great great great grandmother and she was an elf, tall, beautiful,
slender. She realized she was a hybrid and that she was very much so adopted.

Species: Elf hybrid
Power: Shapeshifter
Weapons?: She keeps a dagger under her skirt at all times strapped to her hip and she has a Bow-narrow
Family: Her family now lives in Chicago
Likes: She likes flowers, animals, and people. Food wise she loves many different sweets and she likes studying.
Siblings: None
Strengths: Archery, Shape Shifting
Skills: Archery and Horseback riding and Shape Shifting
Dislikes: She hates animal abusers and people that liter and people that are rude and cruel towards others.
Weakness: Being scared and Sweets when she's craving them, being yelled at.
Flaws: She is not very Social And gets a little too competitive sometimes.
Favorite Quote: “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”
Theme song: None at the moment
Crush: Kobe
Love: Kobe
Dorm: 2


Quote :
Username: Moonncloud
Name: Fang Leon Jones
Nicknames: Lion
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior

(He has glowing blue eyes instead of what's in the image)

Personality: Fang tends to keep to himself most of the time and has a bit of a
short temper, Skipping class is one of the things he likes to do when he can. Fang will only speak to
people when they speak to him or when they get on his nerves, He can be nice and caring at times
most of the time he's really nice to girls. He's very athletic and mostly likes to run and sword fight
when he can. Studying is one of the last things he does at the end of a school day but he always
passes every class with a high A.

History: Fang grew up in a cabin somewhere in the mountains, he never knew
his parents. After some time in the forest, something urged him to leave the safety of his cabin and go
to the place where he could get a nice start at the real life of a child. Before he knew it he was the best
in the class and quite bored with the whole Idea of being out of the mountains and in front of all these
people. A few years had passed and he was invited to Nottingham High, he had heard there were other
students there that were like him...So he felt he should check it out, Maybe something good would
come out of it.

Species: Werewolf
Power: Very strong and shifts into his wolf form. On full moon nights, he can't control himself and tends to go missing.
Weapons?: he as a Sword
Family: Does not have a family, he is an Orphan.
Likes: He loves the night, the forest, raw meat, girls, and Dogs.
Siblings: Does not have any siblings that he knows of.
Strengths: Smell, Strength, and hearing
Skills: He is very well trained in using a Sword and a great runner and fighter.
Dislikes: Full moon nights, Irritating and Annoying people, Cats.
Weakness: Full moon nights, Beautiful girls, Silver Bolts
Flaws: Shifting when Angry, Shifting on full moon nights
Favorite Quote: none
Theme song: none
Crush: Chessiny
Love: None at the moment
Dorm: 4
Pets: Sheeba (Small pointed eared dog with a cream colored coat and a curled tail)

Quote :
Username: Moonncloud
Name: Sera Ellean Silverwing
Nicknames: Silver or Ella
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Grade: Freshmen

Personality: Sera is kind and loves to be around people, she tends to
want to follow people around. Sera does have a bit of a temper sometimes, Studying comes
first for her. She loves to sing but becomes shy when people are around when she sings. Her
confidence in her self is a bit low. Sera is pretty smart but never makes the second or first
in class. (I don't know what else to put XD)

History: Sera was born back in 1865 but was killed in a 'car accident'
when she had turned 14, Her family of course was devastated. What her family didn't know
was that Sera was killed by wolves... but to save the wolves hides the news and police said
it was a car accident. Many years had passed and she was reborn, but not as a human, As
a guardian angel. She now goes to school at Nottingham High and is sort of living a normal life.
She has a goal in life to find the person or creature she is supposed to watch over.

Species: Guardian Angel
Power: She can heal, her singing voice makes others feel happy and warm inside and of course
since she is an angel she can fly.
Weapons?: None at the moment
Family: She doesn't have a family anymore.
Likes: She likes the warm sunlight, singing, helping people and talking to people.
Siblings: She doesn't remember if she had any or not.
Strengths: Singing and Dancing
Skills: Healing and Singing
Dislikes: Unfriendly people, death, and the dark, being alone with wolves.
Weakness: Animals and the dark.
Flaws: sort of like a stalker at times and Shyness little confidence.
Favorite Quote: “It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.”
Theme song:
Crush: Chris
Love: Chris
Dorm: 3
She has a pet Blue Jay named Blue

Quote :
Username: Moonncloud
Name: Julian Leon Cross
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Short blue-ish black hair in his normal human form with dark blue eyes. When in vampire
mode he has white hair and deep red eyes

Personality: Julian is a very nice guy, he likes to help out with things
around the school. When he sees someone is upset he will try and help them cheer up and to
get through whatever is hurting them. He loves to travel and find new things to learn about.
Julian is not as athletic as he could be, he likes to relax and take long walks in the forest in
his free time. On his off days he tends to be a bit grumpy and won't respond to you like he
would normally, he seems to lag a bit when he's under the weather, when he is upset about
something he drifts off in the deep thought and tends to ignore people, When he is angry
about something he works harder than before and doesn't talk to anyone.

History: Julian grew up out in the country, as a boy he loved to be
around the animals the most. One day his parents Emily and John Cross decided it would
be a good Idea to pack up and move away from the farm to help Julian become more
social then what he was. As they packed up to leave Julian had met someone... She was a
sweet little girl who had started to hang around the farm ever since his parents had decided
to move. Julian and the girl, of course, became friends and spent most of their time goofing
off there at the farm until the day came that he had to say goodbye to her. The little girl
was upset and crying horribly as the truck pulled away from the farm. Julian felt himself
become empty.. As if he had a hole in his chest. As the days went by Julian had slowly
unpacked his bags and suitcases one by one. Julian tried to figure out where things would
go but soon found himself irritated and stressed over the whole thing and left the house to
go outside. He wanted to run away to the barn like he had done in the past but there was
no barn to run away to.. Instead he found the shed and turned on the light. There were a few
boxes within and to his surprise, the same little girl from the farm was sitting on top of one
of the boxes. He was filled with joy once he seen her but then felt creeped out. How was
she there? how did she get here? He wanted to ask many questions as he stood shocked.
The little girl jumped up from the box and took his hand with a smiled, as she held his hand
she pulled him to her level and whispered something in his ear. Soon She had sunken her
fangs into his neck and changed him into a vampire like her. From that day on Julian can
only remember the girl's sweet smile and her long wavy deep red hair, the rest of his past
had been forgotten.

Species: Vampire
Power: Fire, strength
Weapons?: In his normal human form, he carries a dagger on his side hidden
by his shirt and pants.
Family: John and Emily Cross.
Likes: Nice people, walking in the forest, helping out, relaxing, the night sky, and the dark.
Siblings: Julian has a little sister but he doesn't remember her.
Strengths: Very Strong, has the ability of fire,
Skills: Fighting, Helping around.
Dislikes: Hurting anyone, Annoying bullish men/guys, Sunlight, mirrors
]Weakness: Sunlight, Garlic.
Flaws: Needing blood, No reflection in mirrors, can't eat garlic.
Favorite Quote: WIP
Theme song: None
Crush: Darian
Love:{/b] None at the moment
Dorm: 5
no pets at the moment


Quote :
Username: Moonncloud
   Name: Kimura Aline Rosalyn
   Nicknames: Kimmy, Aline
   Gender: Female
   Age: 17
   Grade: Junior

   Personality: Kimura has a sweet disposition as a witch but
she also has a very short temper. She's all about witchcraft and if she had any enemies
she will curse them just to watch them for her own sadistic pleasure. Kimura can be a
dark kinda gal but most of the time as long as no one gets on her bad side she is a sweet
girl with a large caring heart. She loves to learn and can be found in the forest on
weekends with a herb book, during school days in the library looking up spells that she'd
like to learn, and when it's late at night she loves to collect specimen for her little
experiments, Sometimes she will even use her witch charms to draw in students. Okay so
Kimura is a little messed up but just stay on her good side and no one gets hurt! Since she
is normally a very sweet girl no one really knows who's cursing them because she doesn't
look like the type to curse or even do a lot of witchcraft. Other then her normal sweet nature
she is also clumsy and tends to trip, and fall quite often.

   History:Kimura was raised by her mother after her father up and left
the two of them for reasons unknown. Being abandoned by her father left a sour taste in her
mouth which has resulted in her having little liking towards men. As she grew up she learned
witchcraft from her mother, she showed her how to cast several small charms to very large spells
all before she went off to High School. Kimura was always a curious girl and had done played a
lot in the forest, the kids from her elementary school and middles school thought she was weird
for playing in the forest and always talking about strange things, like voodoo dolls and charms.
When Kimura was seven years old she created a charm bracelet with her charm spells to protect a
friend of hers from the bullies. Her charm bracelet ended up being way to powerful and ended up
hurting the bullies so badly they were sent to the hospital. After that happened Kimura and her
mother had to go into hiding which was when her mother started cracking down on Kimura for using
her powers near humans. From then on Kimura hasn't had any normal human friends and she has
lost all contact with the friends she use to have.

   Species: Witch/elemental
   Power: Magic and the elements
   Weapons?: She uses her magic as her weapon
   Family: Kimura has a single mother named Kyra Ann Rosalyn
   Likes: Nature, animals, nice people, water
   Siblings: At the moment she is an only child
   Strengths: Spellcasting, using her elements
   Skills: Very skilled in spell casting, and using her elements, Horseback riding.
   Dislikes: most men, bullies, rude people.
   Weakness: Her mom, her love for sweet treats
   Flaws:Her short temper.
   Favorite Quote:None right now
   Theme song: None right now
   Crush: None
   Love: None
   Dorm: 1 with Chessiny
She has a pet cat named



Quote :
   Name: Aislinn Rosa Sansanvi (Pronounced Ashlyn)
   Nicknames: Ash, Rosa, Sansan, but she prefer Ash

   Personality:Aislinn is a huge flirt, she loves to play with peoples hearts
then plug them into turmoil and dismay. She also enjoy's acting as someone
friend then turn her back on them during their time in need. Overall Aislinn is a
cold-hearted fallen angel who likes no one. Her goal here on earth is to break the
fragile hearts of as many people as she can, she enjoys such actions it gives her
something to smile about and get a small laugh from. Aislinn is rarely sweet on
anyone with a true heart, the lives of people are fragile and impossible to hold on
to so why try?

   History:Aislinn was once a trusted messenger for all the gods, during her
messenger tasks she had fallen hopelessly in love with a god. When Aislinn finally
got the nerve to tell this god of her feelings he accepted them, and she was
overjoyed but not for long. The other gods were starting to notice Aislinn was
slacking on her job as a messenger and made a decision to send her to earth, make
her a fallen angel to do a different job, the job of protecting those who are to pass
soon and guide their souls to their destination. This was to keep her from slacking
off and from the god she had fallen for to keep him from slacking on his duties as
well. Aislinn wasn't happy about her new job but accepted it being unable to truly
do anything about it. She knew at the end of each year she'd be able to go back and
see the love of her life to report back with her success at her new job. When the time
came for Aislinn to report back she found the god she had fallen for had not waited
for her, he was happily in the arms of a goddess. This infuriated Aislinn and shattered
her heart, in reaction she attempted to kill the god in his sleep along with the goddess
at his side this caused her to became a true fallen angel band from heaven and cast
to earth for the rest of eternity. She now takes out her rage on all men viewing them
as that god who deserves eternal suffering.

   Species: Fallen Angel
   Power: Aislinn is basically a reaper so she has reaper abilities.
   Weapons?: Scythe and a small Dagger on her thigh.
   Family: She has none
   Likes: Watching people suffer, getting revenge, silence, her pretty face.
   Siblings: She has none
   Strengths: Flight, deceiving people, using her scythe.
   Skills: a Great liar, deceiving people, sword fighting, archery.
   Dislikes: Sickeningly sweet people, couples, idiots, men, stuck up people.
   Weakness:She is ticklish, mainly her sides are ticklish.
   Flaws: She can have a temper, her love to hurt people makes making friends difficult, fear of love
   Favorite Quote: None yet
   Theme song: None yet
   Crush: None yet
   Love: None yet
   Dorm: 4 with Darian
   Pets: None at the moment


Quote :
 Username: Moonncloud
   Name: WIP
   Gender: Male
   Age: 18
   Grade: Senior

   Personality: WIP

   History: WIP

   Species: Fox Deity
   Favorite Quote: None yet
   Theme song: None yet
   Crush: None at the moment
   Love: None at the moment
   Dorm: 3 With Kobe
He has a pet fox named Rua

Rua's human form (;D)
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PostSubject: Re: Nottingham High (1x1 Bubbline. and Moonncloud)   Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:20 am


He grinned real big after seeing her twirl her finger at him telling him to turn around. He dipped his head down and turned around to give her some privacy. He watched the rain pour down from the clouds as it fell to the earth almost unforgiving. The wind blew the the rain at a left-slanted angle and it pelted down from the sky like the gods were punishing humans for being terrible people. He grinned before turning around after hearing Hanako begging for his heat. His body was of course steaming from the cold rain hitting his above normal body temperature. He turned around and pulled her into him with his hands resting on her waist so that his body would be close to hers which would eliminate a wind current between them breaking the heat wave that she'd be receiving. He never really noticed how much shorter she was than him until now."You know.. I'm like a whole head taller than you.", He said teasingly. After spending a few minutes of warming her up with his body close to hers, he gently picked her up making sure to be careful around her wounded thigh and ran them into the nearest building. He gently placed her down and looked around to see where they were. They were in the science wing. "Well here we are... back at school.', He spoke up looking back at her. He hadn't realized how close he was to Hanako nor did he realize how close their faces were. He looked down at her lips and began to lean in before someone rounded the corner and this girl immediately gasped and yelled "Hanako!!" Eventually any classes that were in session came out to see Hanako in the hallway and just about every girl lost their cool and crowded Hanako. The crowd started to build that it began to make him uncomfortable and eventually pushed him out of the way. Nobody asked about Kobe as usual and he slipped down the hallway and around the corner. He wasn't really sure what else to do, large crowds freaked him out and caused him to transition which would cause a mess considering he would be in a state of defense. He looked around and slipped into a cracked door that led to an empty janitors closet. He stayed there looking out the door just in case Hanako came around so that he could grab her and pull her in from the crowd of worried girls and people.


He exited the old house with Sera and he looked back one last time just for the memories before turning and walking along the old path to leave and go back to the school. As they were making their way back, he felt it was perfect to tell her."Sera.. I think there is something you should know about me.", He paused before continuing."Back before I was a vampire, I had a brother named Trey. He was my best friend and we were conjoined at the hip. We literally did everything together until a girl caught his eye. Now this was about 3 or 4 centuries before I met your parents. But one night I heard him leave the house and I followed him out to this oak tree where I found this girl vampire sucking the life out of him. She's also the one who turned me. Basically what I'm trying to say is.. that I am a widow. I was married to her. There was a ceremony and everything. But she was murdered by humans." They were both quiet for awhile before he spoke again "At first, I had no intentions of finding anyone else because I was madly in love with her. But a few centuries passed and then I met you and your parents. And I came close to marrying you before you were murdered. And I felt another heartbreak like no other and vowed to never find anyone else because I didn't think I could handle it anymore. And then you came into my life again and now that past heartbreak feels like it never happened. I'm just glad you're back." He looked at her and smiled sweetly before looking away again."Also I think you should know that Chessiny is my sister. After both me and my brother were pronounced dead, my parents left England and moved over to the Americas and gave birth to Chessiny but they raised her to believe she was an only child. She was killed by a soul eating werewolf that she fell in love with in her first life and she came back into this one because of it. She's just a plain werewolf though. She can't know any of that though unless she figures it out herself.", He added just so she wouldn't be freaked out by it. By the time they had reached the outskirts of the school property, it started to drizzle and he looked into the sky saying "Oh dear."


As the rain started to pelt down from the sky, thunder roared throughout the land letting its presence be known. Chasing after Julian in the storm, she reached the stables and stood there drenched from head to toe. She shivered from the draft blowing into the stables and stepped into a vacant stable that was full of fresh hay awaiting its newest arrival. "I'm sorry but the draft flowing through here is really cold and I'm soaking wet. Those are combinations for disaster and sickness. No thank you", She said looking at Julian. Even looking at him now, she still has no feelings that she would ever feel with any other vampire. He was definitely different and she wanted to find out why." So how did you get here? Like what caused you to come here?", She asked Julian as she crossed her arms over her chest trying to warm herself up. She sat down on the hay covered floor boards. She pulled her legs into her chest and held onto them with her arms looking up at him waiting for his response to her question.


Once they drug the deer into the forest, she looked around and made sure nobody has seen them before addressing his statement."It's perfectly fine. It's visiting season for other gifted ones to come and see the school before they decide to come here or not. People typically aren't very fond of the ones that suck blood or shapeshift into wolves.So when people are visiting they have normal guards out to rid of anything that wouldn't be portrayed as the normal here. For the parents sake anyways but when the student gets here, they obviously find out but typically don't tell they're parents because they finally feel at home.", She said without looking at him."The gesture was nice though.", She said turning to look at him with her small tail wagging. "I'm sorry that I freaked out. I was just worried about you getting harmed is all. The normal guards take no consideration when shooting at something that looks like a wolf. Trust me, I've read about it before.", She said sitting down in front of him. Silence filled the air before a bit before she got an idea. She stood up and walked over to him rubbing her side against his and then darted for the river with the waterfall. She raced through the forest waiting for him to catch on.


Still laying on the ground, he finally caught his breath and when he went to sit up a fox jumped up on his chest. He chuckled and looked into the sky and noticed that the clouds were dark as night."Well that's not good is it. Gotta run little fox. I don't wanna be in this weather and you shouldn't either. You need to go find shelter soon so you don't get injured in this weather.", He said gently nudging the fox off of him. He stood up and looked around at the trees that were getting beaten senseless by the wind that the storm was producing. He looked back to the fox one more time and smiled saying "Goodbye little one. Until next time.", he said gently before running off to the dorms trying to be careful and trying to avoid the swim team guys that wanted to serve his dead body on a silver platter. Before the rain could come pelting down on him, he made it into the men's dorm and into his room before he could be seen by others. He locked the door and sighed with relief, glad that he made it through the day without being found by the boy with grudges. He walked over to the window and looked out to see the land being struck by the heavy rain. He slid his shirt off and changing his pants to shorts preparing to work out. In his room, he had a personal gym he worked out on everyday in order to avoid situations like he was in today. He slid on his finger-less gloves and put in his headphones playing his favorite radio station prepared to work out.

Maddox laid in front of the cave watching the white fae change back into her wolf form. He still felt agonizing pain where he was attacked by the boy Kobe's wolves. He tried to stand up but winced as the pain radiated throughout his entire body. He sharply inhaled trying to hold back his scream. He quivered from all of the pain his body was experiencing and he finally felt enough energy to change back into his wolf form. As soon as he switched back to his wolf form, his wounds healed up immediately and he knew that the girl he saved should be completely healed as well. Maddox stood up on all four paws looking at the white fae asking "So you are one of me huh?" The white fae looked him up and down before asking "You gave her a piece of your soul didn't you?" He looked away without saying another word and the white fae belted out with an evil laughter. After she finished laughing she grinned real big and said "This is gonna be good. That boy is going to tear you limb from limb" Maddox walked towards her and stopped when he stood over her saying "Nobody has to know because I'm never going to see her again" The white fae looked at him with a smirk and a side glance and then she spoke up saying "My name is Vita. May the gods be on your side for this one. Come inside and we'll plan on how you can get your soul back so this girl doesn't fall in love with you" He glared at her and walked into the cave along next to Vita ready to plan everything out so that he could live his life again with invisibility.
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PostSubject: Re: Nottingham High (1x1 Bubbline. and Moonncloud)   Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:56 pm

Quote :
Hanako : Tags > Kobe

Kobe's grin was enough for her to chuckle, "Yeah you're not getting lucky, not out here." She muttered with an amused chuckle tailing her words. Yeah, Kobe hadn't changed too awful much in his time away. He was still a 'dog' at heart, but Hanako kinda liked that about him. The pain she had been feeling had left completely and without her realizing it her wound had begun to heal rather quickly. After Hanako had quickly dressed and begged for Kobe's warmth, and as quickly as her chattering teeth had expressed how cold she was, the dark-haired man took and wrapped his arm around her waist and was sure to block the cold wind from getting through to her. About that time her werewolf lover made a height remark. "Well, isn't the guy suppose to be taller?" She asked with a chuckle, "and I'm not short, you're just really tall." She retorted with a smirk. She'd missed this, she had missed this so much. Kobe had stood there holding her close to himself for some time, by the time he finally let go Hanako was quite warm, her cheeks once again rosy. Gently, Kobe picked Hanako up, it was time to get in out of this rain and that's what exactly Kobe was going to do. After a mad dash, they found themselves I'm a building on campus, and from the looks of the inside it was definitely the science building. "Well here we are... back at school." Kobe stated as he easily placed the girl back on the floor. "Yup, we're back." She said softly before realizing how close she was to Kobe. At that moment, Kobe began to lean down, time began to slow for her as her heart began to race. At the moment their lips nearly met, the sounds of footsteps caught the girls ears and shortly after their voices were shouting her name. For a split second Hanako had a look of disappointment, she was ready for that kiss even if her heart was going to burst, she was ready. But, sadly, her concerned classmates had spotted her and began expressing their excitement for her return as well as their worries. She'd been gone for some time now, it was only natural for them to be this ecstatic for her return. Eventually, all classes that were once being held had abruptly ended because every one of them heard the sudden commotion and realized it was who it was all about. As all the students crowded around it was becoming uncomfortable, trying her best, Hanako began answering questions and reassuring her classmates. However, her focus on them faded as she felt Kobe's warmth leave her side. A look of panic flashed over her face but there was little she could do at this moment in time. "I um... Well, I need to go to the.. um... nurses office.. So I'll um see everyone later.. Bye!" She stammered and stuttered as she tried to come up with a way out of this uncomfortable questioning crowd. At her suggestion of going to see the nurse, her peers around her began popping around like pop corn with their offers to assist her on her way there. "No, I'm fine I can get there on my own." She said with an awkward chuckle. Turning tail and fleeing, the blonde haired girl raced back down the hall in search for Kobe. However, her clear statement of being fine didn't keep the group from storming after her down the hall. "Kobe!!!" She called out in desperation, 'Help!' she screamed in her mind, she loved people and socializing but this huge of a group was uncomfortable and really eating at her. As she was about to call out for Kobe once more, a different name flew to mind, causing her to feel a little confused to why that name suddenly replaced Kobe's... None the less the girl kept running.

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Sera : Tags < Chris

Sera follow along beside Chris, leaving the old house with all the old memories behind. It was amazing, how fate and destiny brought the two of them together after so many years. Clasping her hands together in front of her self, Sera continued to walk alongside Chris with a gentle smile on her lips. For a moment they were both silent as they walked along the old brick-laid path, however, Chris had broken that silence with a more serious tone then she'd was expecting. "Oh?" She asked curiously with a slight tilt of her head, her crystal blues gazed back at him. She wasn't at the moment uneasy with what he had to say, though she was very curious and attentive to the young man. She listened to his every word as he confessed to her that he was married before and now widowed, though it was many centuries ago it still stung for some reason. Though through that slight pain in her chest the angel she continued to hold that gentle look in her eyes, she wasn't one to be petty about the past. Staying quiet, Sera listened to what her young love had to say, her heart skipped a bit time and time again. He was confessing his utmost love to her and how long he'd loved her even after she'd been murdered by wolves. The pain he felt was unbearable when he'd lost her, yet another love he wasn't able to keep by his side because of another's selfish desires, wants, or needs. With a soft chuckle Sera wiped a small tear from the edge of her eyelid, he'd moved her with his longing for her. "Chris, you don't have to worry about me saying anything about Chessiny's history to her or to anyone else." She told him softly her cheeks were slightly red, "And thank you for sharing that with me, I've longed to be with you once more as well... I'm glad I was given wings to do so." She told him as she leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss to the cheek. Feeling a few subtle raindrops hit her skin, the blonde haired girl lifted her right hand with her palm facing upwards as if to catch the droplets. Tilting her head back to look up at the dark grey clouds she chuckled and looked back at him, "We're probably going to get wet if was daliy much long... I'm not sure how dry my wings can keep us either." She said with a chuckle. Taking hold of his hand she pulled him towards the school gently, "Lets hurry." She said, a loving smile on her face and gentle giggles escaping her lips. Normally she was pretty shy but she could open up and be herself with Chris, she loved him after all. For many many many years now.

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Julian : Tags < Darian

Looking outside of the stables after the two rushed in, Julian sighed softly. Man was it coming down, and now the both of them were soaked and stuck out in the drafty horse barn. "Should we slide the doors shut on either end?" He asked her as he crossed his arms. At that time Darian was actually asking her own question, "Oh, um, I came here with Hanako as her personal butler... her family has been good to me and they are even putting me through school so I couldn't exactly turn their offer down." He told her, however, there was more to that story then he was willing to let on at the moment. Not only that but he didn't really want to bring up Hanako any further then that... after what he did to her. As far as he knew, the school and all the students still had no clue where she was... he hoped she didn't drawn in the river, that is where they found some of her belongings... Shaking the thoughts, Julian walked to the tack room, "I'm sure we can use one of these horse blankets to warm up, I don't think anyone will really care." he told her as he pulled down a random box which had some winter horse coats in it. They were heavy, but clean and sure to warm Darian up. "Once the rain calms down, we can head back to the school." He told her as he pulled the blanket out of the box and shut the door of the tack room behind himself. Carrying it over to the cold girl, he unfolded the fabric and draped it around her shivering body as she sat in the
straw covered stall. "I'm going to slide the large doors shut to get some of this cold breeze to chill out." he told her as he began walking towards the main end of the stables.

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Fang : Tags < Chessiny

Listening to the girl speak, Fang wore an apologetic look on his face. He was more wolf then he was human, so his flirting and gift giving was... more wolfy then the average high school boys. And being an animal most his life, he hardly ever gave what he was doing a second thought. "Sorry... I'll keep that in mind." He said with his ears falling to the sides of his head. Hearing her compliment about his gift caused the wolves tail to begin to wag again, his once low posed ears shot up, "Oh, that's a relief. I'm glad you thought so." He said with a wolfy grin. Shaking his head as she expressed her concern, Fang sat down as he began to speak, "No, you're fine... I'm still getting used to living on a campus. I'm still learning about the things I can and can't do here. It's completely logical for you to snap at me and teach me a lesson, otherwise, without it I may end up being someone's trophy on their wall... " He stated with a bit of a chuckle, that last part was a bit dramatic but he hoped she'd get a good laugh from it. Suddenly, the young she-wolf stood to her paws and came over to him, gently she rubbed her pelt against his in an affectionate manner, or... no she was teasing him. As he was about to nuzzle her the darn girl took off, with his ears up and a shocked look on his face, complete with jaw droppage. The wolf called out to her, "Hey! Chessiny! Wait up!" He yelled as he raced after her.

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Fox Deity's Pet (Aka Sayuri Rua): Tags < Marcellus

Jumping off of Marcellus' chest as he gently nudged her, Rua Listened to the young man express that he had to go. Looking up at the darkening sky before looking back at the boy, Sayuri let out a little huff. The expression in her beautiful fox eyes was one of sadness yet she seemed content as she sat beneath the tree. Wrapping her tail around her little paws she chirped at him before flicking her right ear as a water droplet hit the tip of it. As the wind began to pick up, the foxes red coat began to whip around in the breeze. Though it was clearly going to storm, the little thing refused to leave to find shelter. Once more, the little she-fox made another chirping noise at him. All the way up until the lad slipped off into the dorm, Sayuri watched him. Soon after, the gusty winds became stronger, and the rain came crashing down followed by loud thunder and bright lighting. Standing to her little paws as her fur started to become soaked even under the cover of the oak tree. She decided it was time she moved, however, where would she go? Looking around a bit, the foxes eyes returned to the dorm. That was her closes option aside from the forest... and she already knew how helpful trees were in this heavy storm. Darting across the grass, Sayuri rushed towards the door of the building.. Unfortunately, the last person who walked in didn't leave the door open long enough for her to slip in. Sidestepping and bobbing her head, the fox looked around for a possible solution to getting into the building. Before long, the vixen rushed around to the side of the building. Jumping up on the window seal she began walking passed each window until she finally found someone, who just happened to be the same young lad from beneath the tree. Pawing at the glass she chirped at him... just maybe he would open the window and let her in. At that moment another strike of lightning hit the earth in the background, lighting up the gold piece attached to her collar.

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Kobe 》Tags: Hanako

Kobe sat inside of the janitors closet listening closely just in case Hanako happened to call out to him. He sat there and then the thoughts just bombarded into his mind. He brow began to furrow as he remembered what Hanako had told him about Julian. Just wait until I get my hands on you, you vampire bastard. He thought to himself as he began to grow more and more angry at the thought of the entire situation. His internal temperature began to rise and he began to shake uncontrollably at the thought of what exactly he wanted to do to Julian. He imagined a well put up fight from the vampire before Kobe tore him to shreds. He wasn't a force that anyone wanted to willingly mess with. He has a track record to making people disappear, he was an alpha of his own wolf pack, and he wasn't afraid to bring justice to a situation if needed be. While he sat and steamed from the thoughts inside of his head it all went away when he heard Hanako's sweet voice call out his name. His internal body temperature went back to normal and his body went from trembling with anger to a slow twitch to nothing in a matter of seconds. Kobe went next to the door and cracked it open to hear the commotion that surrounded Hanako then he listened in to her comment of needing to find her way to the nurse. He then heard distant tapping on the floor of someone running continue to get closer to him. "Kobe!!!" Hanako cried out. Kobe crouched with the door opened a little more keeping quiet and timed it just right to where when she was about to pass the closet, in one fluid motion he grabbed her by the forearm and snatched her towards the janitors closet. Once he got her in, he quickly shut the door and listened for the crowd as they ran by frantically searching for Hanako. Once they had passed by, Kobe stood up and spoke up saying "They should be gone now." He stood from his crouching position and went to turn around until he realized just how close he had had her. Kobe grabbed her by the hips gently and went to pull her into a well awaited kiss. He bent his head down to where his lips could meet hers. He was moments away from a well awaited kiss before he heard the handle of the janitors closet jiggle and he quickly removed himself from her to where he was just standing beside her. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it before turning to give her a heart warming grin. The door swung open as students stood outside the door eyeing both Hanako and Kobe with questioning eyes. "I told you guys she was pulled into the closet!" Kobe began to panic as more and more showed up. His internal temperature rose as more and more student tried to cramp into the tiny room. Panic rose in his eyes as he looked around for a way out. He didn't want to transition in front of all of these people nor did he want to injure them. He looked to Hanako with troubled eyes hoping maybe she had an idea.

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Chris 》Tags: Sera

Chris gleamed at the fact that Sera took all of that information in with gentle care and love. He would never be able to express just how much joy it brought to his old undying soul that she was the one for him. He couldn't even imagine loving his last love as much as he loved Sera. He had loved her for centuries even after her death. Sera had kissed him on his cheek and for the first time in a very long time, he felt a warmness inside of his chest. He hadn't felt that since before he was transformed into a young vampire. Perhaps he blushed but even if he did, it wouldn't be seen unless she was somehow capable o proving him wrong. "Yes, let's get indoors somewhere" Sera led him towards the school as the rain began to become unforgiving and the wind swayed hard enough to knock one to the ground if they had lost their footing. The wind began to howl as the rain began to pour harder. Chris stopped abruptly and stood looking into the sky and looking around before he let out a comment that even sent chills down his spine "She's here." Out of the corner of his eye he could see a small, slender girl walking up to him phased by the rain. Panic swept over his eyes as he quickly lifted Sera off of her feet and used his vampiric speed to get them to the school and inside the doors immediately. He placed Sera down onto her feet before he looked outside the school doors frantically searching the forest line in hopes he was incorrect. When Chris turned back around to go back to Sera, he was greeted by her. He took a step back as she grew a grin as evil as possible. Before he could get out of her way, she spoke up saying "Is that anyway to greet your queen. You know better than that Chris. Now kneel before me." Before Chris could protest, he felt a force inside of his head that even shocked him. Chris was forced onto one knee while his forearm rested on the other and his head bowed down. Water dripped off of his hair onto the floor before him as he looked at her with the most hate filled eyes before saying "Greetings Queen Victorianna. To what do I owe the pleasure of your kind visit", Chris said coolly as he eyed his queen, the queen of Vampires waiting for her to answer.

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Darian 》Tags: Julian

Darian listened to Julian as he wrapped an old, clean winter horse jacket around her shivering body. She nodded his head as he spoke up saying he was going to close the doors. She sat there for a moment long enough to come to the conclusion that she hated Hanako's guts for what she did. She didn't believe her loaded story that Kobe believed. She knew there was more to it than that fae was leading onto and Darian was going to get to the bottom of it. She knew there was more to it. Her mind quickly snapped back to Julian to get past the thoughts and feelings. After all, his presence did cause a stir in her that not only she could explain but she would never admit it to anyone. "Do you ever feel trapped being a butler? I don't mean to dig too deep, I just can't imagine serving to people consistently." She looked over at Julian who was still shutting the barn doors.

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Chessiny 》Tags: Fang

Chessiny let out a hearty laughter that bellowed into the stiff air. She could sense that rain was coming but she didn't care. She was content with how time was there and who she was with. She had only been around Fang for a little while but she enjoyed the way she felt around him. After all, he did catch a fine looking deer. She pinned her ears against her head speeding up, feeling her fur mold to her body showing just how slender she was in her wolf form. She enjoyed being a wolf, in fact it wouldn't hurt her feelings if she had a choice to stay a wolf always. She enjoyed being in the local wolf pack even though she didn't have a soft spot for the alpha, she still respected him none the less. She began to slow down as she felt the wind pick up and swish the trees around rapidly causing quite the stir. She came to a stop in front of the river where the waterfall connected and looked up into the sky to see jet black clouds rolling in. Lightening cracked not far away from her current location, causing the feeling of ants crawling over her skin. She shook it off as thunder roared throughout the forest. "Fang? Are you nearby? We have to get inside of the cave. I have a feeling this storm isn't going to be very forgiving." She yelled behind her. Not looking around to see if he was actually near her because she figured he had plenty of time to catch up, she started to climb the rock slope that led to behind the waterfall. It had begun to get slippery as the rain began to fall down on the slope causing her to loose her footing. Her lower half slipped out from under her, leaving her hanging for dear life on the rocks with her paws. "Fang!!" She cried out as lightening cracked lighting up the sky as she dangled over the ledge. If she falls, she wouldn't survive the fall. She turned her head to look at the ground and then frantically searching for Fang. The rain was falling so hard she couldn't see anything anymore.

Quote :
Marcellus 》Tags: Sayuri

Marcellus had just finished up his workout with his music blaring into his ears. He stood up chugging water out of a one gallon jug. He placed the lid back onto the jug and walked over to the bathroom to grab a hand towel to wipe away the sweat that was dripping from his body. He had felt energized after his workout and checked himself out in the mirror flexing to see just how much progress he had accomplished since he had started getting buff. The storm was really coming down now and he had happened to glance over at the window to see the small little fox face staring at him. He quickly took his headphones off and raced over to the window prying it open and swooping the fox inside out of the rain. He quickly shut the window and turned around to eye the fox. His eyes darted to the right to see his wolf Marrow and Carlo coming out of the shadows snarling and spitting. Marcellus commanded them away and watched as they tucked tails back into the shadows. "Well hello again. I guess you follow me but how did you find me? Regardless, lets get you wiped off." Marcellus walked into the bathroom once again and came back out with a towel. He quickly dried the fox off and noticed the collar with a tag attached to it. "Oh. You're a pet. Let's see who you are exactly." He spoke up reaching for the golden tag hanging around the fox's neck.

Quote :
Victorianna 》Tags: Chris, Sera

Sera looked down at Chris as he looked at her with hate filled eyes. She let out a chuckle twisted enough to cause anyone to have a chill sent down their spine. She grinned at him and then spoke in a high pitched voice that was soft but full of power "Hello Chris. You know what I prefer to be called by. From now on call me V. As to why I'm here? I'm here to get revenge of course. That dastardly wolf is here and I know it because I've had a few lackys help me track him down before I had to do what I always do." She let out another chuckle before speaking again with a more serious tone and look. "I'm rallying my army and there happens to be quite a few of my children here that will be pleased to see me. Even you Chris whether you want to admit it or not. I came to let you know that on the next full moon we will be meeting at the old manor. Don't be late, it's not like the commander of the army to be late." She watched the light shine in Chris's eyes as he gave a simple nod of his head in obedience. She bent down into his ear saying "Now that's more like my Chris. We'll have to have our.. special class like we used to" Chris pushed her away and onto the ground and watched as he stood up. She looked up at him with her violet eyes and let out a chuckle. She stood up brushing herself off and finally made eye contact with Sera before going back to Chris saying "Really Chris? You could do so much better. This must be the reason why you tried to step down from Commander. You should know better. I'll see you on New Moon." She giggled before eyeing Sera once more with utter disgust and walked back out into the storm disappearing in the forest line.
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Nottingham High (1x1 Bubbline. and Moonncloud)
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